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Is it A Nico Bakker ?

I bought a 'Nico Bakker' framed GT750 from a nice guy from Newcastle, Jim Campbell, well that's what he was told it was when he bought it. That was not good enough for me I had to have proof, coz that's the kinda guy I am! So here is my conclusion is a Sanders and Lewis.

Who or what is/are Sanders and Lewis, a music hall comedy duo?!

No, it was a well known bike shop in Kilburn Road, Maida Vale, London NW6 way back when.

From articles in magazines I've come across the story seems to go something like this. They used to sponsor a Yamaha powered Nico Bakker framed machine in the late 70's, ridden by Tony Lewis . The frame used was once ridden by Phil Read. The Bakker frame was so good (but expensive!) they decided to build a replica for the street racers amongst their customers based around a GT750 engine. The frame was built by a local company, Saxon Engineering and after some time in development the launch took place around end of 1977. Unfortunately both companies are no longer in business so no facts can be ascertained 'from the horses mouth'.

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