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Allspeed/Gibsons Exhausts - The Classic Expansion Chambers of The Day

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I was looking for some time for a decent set of expansion chambers for my model A. Micron had made the final run of their 'Allspeeds' and shipped them to Germany some two years earlier, when I came across the advert above in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics. Intrigued, I rang Pete and arranged to go and see him to talk about the history of 'Allspeeds' and see if he would make me a set to the spec he used to do in the way back when. I knew that they had been around since the seventies and there were a couple of different styles (early and late) but Pete took the time to tell me the story. When I get sometime I'll put it here. However Pete has asked me to make it clear that Allspeed is a registered trade mark that is registered by a company not in anyway related to Peter Gibson Exhausts. Unfortunately, as with common use of the trademark Hoover that became a word to describe a vacuum cleaner , Allspeed has become a word used by most in the UK to convey a description of the style of 3 into 3 expansion chamber set up and use of the word here is in that context.

After quite a few months waiting in line, (the LC owners club beat me to it!) Pete phoned me to say he was now in a position to jig it and go on GT750s.

This weekend I'm going for a fitting and hopefully to collect them, their construction is exactly the same as originals, mild steel but unfinished. I'm probably going to polish them and get them chromed but I understand that there is an excellent exhaust paint available and not just black, but blue, red and even white, so I'm going to get some and experiment, watch this space!

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