The Club has a range of Regalia for you to purchase

A number of Flexi Flier Magazines from ‘the past’ are available too!

Regalia articles are for your enjoyment! Be proud to wear or use!

For all Regalia sales and information please contact

Steve Wharton at

Regalia clothing 1Regalia clothing 2Regalia misc
  1. KC logo & GT750 embroidered Fleece - Blue or Black with embroidered KC logo & GT750 
  2. Line-drawing T-Shirt
  3. Stock unavailable
  4. Stock unavailable
  5. Kettle Club & GT750 embroidery Polo Shirt
  6. Kettle Club T-Shirt - White
  7. Sweatshirt - Blue or Black with KC logo and GT750 embroidery
  8. Stock unavailable
  9. Stock unavailable
  10. Kettle Club T-Shirt - White with embroidered sleeves and breast details
  11. Stock unavailable
  12. Stock unavailable
  13. Stock unavailable
  14. Kettle Club & GT750 embroidery Polo Shirt - Grey
  15. Kettle Club & GT750 embroidery Polo Shirt - Red
  16. Stock unavailable
  17. Stock unavailable
  18. Kettle Club & GT750 embroidery T-shirt - Black
  19. Kettle Club & GT750 embroidery T-shirt - Grey
  20. Stock unavailable
  21. NEW Baseball cap
  22. Stock unavailable
  23. GT750 Pin Badge
  24. NEW Wristband
  25. Stock unavailable
  26. Stock unavailable
  27. Stock unavailable
  28. Stock unavailable
  29. Kettle Club Key Ring
  30. Stock unavailable
  31. Kettle Club Car Sticker
  32. Kettle Club Car Sticker
  33. Kettle Club Mug
  34. Kettle Club Pin Badge
  35. Decals
  36. Mouse Mat - Black or White
  37. GT750 Sew-on Badges
  38. GT750 Sew-on Badge
  39. Stock unavailable
  40. Laser-cut GT750 Key Ring
  41. Stock unavailable
  42. Suzuki GT750 Owners Manual Booklet

Regalia parts

A. Water Pump Impeller - (all models)

B. Ignition Ring

C. Rear Brake Lever Cap

D. Brake Pistons

E. Fork Top Nuts J/K/L

F. Fork Top Bungs MAB

G. Rear Brake adj Nut/Trunion

H. Drain Plug Set

I. Clock Mounting Bolts J/K/L/M/A/B

J. Top Yoke Nut & Washer

K. Head Bolts J/K/L/M/A/B

L. Wheel Spacers

M. Footrest Mount Bolts

N. Shouldered Radiator Mount Bolts

O. Clutch/Brake Lever Pivot Bolts

P. Phosphour Bronze Swinging Arm Bushes 

All orders and queries for the above Stainless Steel items must be placed directly with Steve Wharton at or phone 07767854997 / 01472328140.

Recent Updates & Events

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    A cracking weekend was had by all in attendance and the countryside rang with the sound of nearly 60 Kettles on the 2 excellent ride-outs.The Dutch contingent...
    6th July 2017
    The latest edition of the Club magazine is now available on the website, to view and download. Just click on the 'Flexi Flier' tab at the top of the Home page.