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Welcome to the Suzuki GT750
Kettle Club Website!

The Place that's All About Kettles - yes the motorcycle not a water heater!

Who you might ask, could, or should join the Kettle Club ..... and the answer is, anyone with a healthy interest in this iconic bike, whether an owner or not! We are not just a bunch of anoraks who will tell you everything that is wrong with your bike, but a well founded family friendly Club open to everyone! We've been here since 1995 and have gained great respect as a leading single marque  bike Club with an "evolving" Committee of enthusiastic Kettle lovers who try to promote its image wherever possible and provide as much benefit as we can to Members so they might enjoy their Kettling experiences! Not only do we host a Club Forum for Members as described below, with no increase in Club subscriptions, but in most cases you will probably make savings in services we have secured that can often pay for your annual subscriptions! The Kettle Club will be hosting and supporting Displays at Shows throughout the year, arranging Classic Track Days and have many ride outs and meetings up and down the country.The iconic Suzuki GT750 is a motorcycle that all of us in the Kettle Club have grown to love, cherish, ride and restore, whether being left as it is, a concourse restoration, or a full blown special from the minds and skills that can make a bike very different!

One of the most major developments encouraging communication and contact between Club Members has been the introduction of the eagerly anticipated Forum early in 2014. This allows members to engage in discussions about rideouts, meetings and help with problem solving, parts and bikes sales or any other matters that are of any interest!!! Signing up is as easy as accessing the Forum page and registering, PROVIDED that you are a Kettle Club Member. The Forum is restricted to members SO PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR CLUB MEMBERSHIP NUMBER is entered into the relevant entry on the registration form, otherwise we will not know who you are and the application will be rejected and we don't want that!!!! Guests, or non-members will NOT now be able to access or view the Forum as has previously been the case but MUST be a member of the Kettle Club. Anyone who wants to join the Kettle Club with all of the benefits it entails should contact the Membership Secretary by clicking on the "WANT TO JOIN?" link to the right of this page.

In standard guise the Kettle with its large radiator and massive chrome 3 – 4 exhaust system will attract a lot of attention and admiration ........ and jealousy!!! Though a little soft in its ride within the limits of technology at the time, they are extremely comfortable and capable touring machines. Indeed the name suggests this from the illustrious Suzuki range of the 1970’s, a Grand Tourer 750cc and there was never a larger road going 2 stroke motorcycle of that era.

Actually, in reality the engine was a 738CC displacement from the days of flared trousers, platform boots and mini skirts, all in the heyday of Barry Sheene in his many early GP escapades.

With its claimed, but slightly improving power output over the Kettles evolution, at 68BHP it’s not going to worry too many people on modern bikes at traffic light burnouts, but it does require a firm grip when riding through twisty B roads.......... hence The Flexiflier which it is sometimes known. You get a full appreciation of this torque filled engine as you accelerate from a standing start, giving you a fantastic feeling and a big grin with the accompanying howl from the engine as the revs near 7000K!

The vast majority of owners prefer to keep their bikes in standard trim and will go to extraordinary lengths to keep them as Suzuki built them, or even better! From first production 1972 on to 1977 when the production lines shut down due to emission regulation laws in the USA,  these bikes rolled off the production line and across the world with now many over forty years old and we still love and cherish them whether they be old hacks tied up with string or pristine models! Any Kettle is a good Kettle and the more we can add to road going condition the better, which is one of the main reasons the Club exists!

There remains a cult following throughout the world for the Suzuki GT750 and whether you call yours a Kettle or a Water Buffalo we remain devoted to this fantastic motorcycle.

Members and Owners alike ride and restore, show and compete all over the world. From Finland to New Zealand. From Canada to Australia . Throughout main land Europe and Great Britain the ‘song remains the same’. Listen to the bike with its standard exhaust system for that lovely burble or hear it through a set of screaming expansion chambers or a 3 into 1 not quite making your ears bleed!!!!! J models to B models, Dunstalls, or Roca’s, Specials, Sanders & Lewis the range of Kettle ownership attracts a broad spectrum of enthusiasts from standard to better than Showroom condition who restore their Kettles to an immaculate finish and owners who modify them as Specials in whatever their imagination can come up with!!!! .

The club sells items of Regalia, provides discounts, a quarterly magazine and advice to new members and old. Shows and events are regularly supported by The Kettle Club and area meetings in the UK are enhanced with trips to Europe. The Kettle Club is a voluntary organisation with its AGM held in July. In fact the AGM coming together is probably one of the largest gathering of Kettles anywhere in the word at any one time with all of the sights, sounds and smells that you might imagine or have experienced ........ unless someone knows better about larger numbers that is!!! The club exists for the Suzuki GT750 and is supported by a loyal group of members that have a passion for a bike they enjoy to ride, show and maintain.

We hope you enjoy the site and its areas and look forward to you joining the Kettle Club very soon and hopefully join in some of the friendly and fun activities!

Barry Sheene

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