Flexi Flier

The Flexi Flier is an exclusive member’s magazine that is published quarterly featuring topical articles, photographs, technical and other valuable information; all provided by the club’s membership. It also contains club notices, Officers reports and information on club attended events.

The magazine is funded via membership fees and sponsorship from advertisers. Anyone wishing to advertise in the magazine is asked to contact the magazine Editor (address below).

Visitors to this page can view a sample of the magazine by clicking on the cover illustration. Members who have logged in to the website, can read the entire magazine in ‘virtual’ format as well as being able to download a full PDF version.

The Flexi Flier is produced every seasonal quarter (approximately 1 every 3 months). This area of the website was created to act as an archive of the Club's history; providing our new and recent members with an insight to the events and characters which shaped this great Club to what it is today. So what better way to do this, than through our excellent club magazine? Every edition is available for PDF download but for the moment, the virtual format currently applies to No. 97 and all future editions from there onwards, but it will eventually cover all editions forward from No.73, our 15th Anniversary edition.

Note regarding PDF’s: As the files are in high resolution, they are quite large and depending upon such things as bandwidth etc. download times will vary. Please be patient when downloading, it'll be worth it!

Club members wishing to contribute an article for inclusion in the next or future editions; please contact the magazine Editor at kettleclubtreasurer@gmail.com.

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