Kettle Club History 

The "Standlake Few" - The founding members of this club - August '95

Dave Pitcher, Simon Wade, John Storrie, Les Bensley, Phil Underwood, Pete Warner, Fred Dear, Ken Menzies, Ralph Petts, Pete Mosedale, Mike Prestcote, Shaun Chandler, Phil Nixon, Stuart James, Kevin Stephenson 

A brief history of How, When, Where & Why the Kettle Club was formed:

The club was formed in late August 1995 at Standlake Oxfordshire England, by 16 Suzuki GT750 Kettle owners from various counties within the UK, who are now known as “The Standlake Few”. They all shared a common interest in owning and riding the inimitable Suzuki GT750.

The seed had been sown much earlier but there had been very little uptake and it was not until several years later, that an amalgom of members from both the Suzuki owners Club and the Vintage Japanese Motorcycle Club recognised a need for a stand alone club centred on the Suzuki GT750 and with other classic single marque clubs emerging, it was thought that it was time that the Kettle was put on the map. As an emerging classic with an ever growing following, it was only right to promote it to the forefront of the classic bike world.  The Kettle Club is only one of a very small number of single marque clubs in existence, but from its humble beginings it has grown to be one of the most respected and without doubt, the largest and (so it's members think) the best of them all!

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The founding fathersThe first of the many

Recent Updates & Events

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    1st April 2021
    Despite the cancellation of last year’s event, the Club has been poised to bounce back this year and that now looks likely. We still fully intend to celebrate...
  • 101st Edition of the Flexi Flier Launched
    16th March 2021
    As the club forges ahead into a new and hopefully, brighter new motorcycling season; we give you our latest edition of the Flier. Just click the tab above to...