4th May 2020

The ongoing COVID-19 situation has left the club Committee with very little choice but to seriously weigh the potential impact that it’s likely to have upon the club’s programme of events for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, none more so than this year’s Blue Haze Rally and the associated AGM.

As much as they have tried to remain positive; it was proving difficult to maintain the momentum necessary to ensure the absolute success of the rally, particularly as it represented a significant point in the club’s history, something that did not made the decision process any easier. The messages coming from the powers that be however, left little doubt that this situation will be with us in some form or other for the foreseeable future and to that end, it was decided to cancel this year’s event.

All is not gloom however; The venue providers (Fire Service College) have kindly agreed to re-book the club for around the same period (15-18 July) next year and will do their best to honour the costs quoted for this year’s event! So now the club have the time to make it an even greater celebration – our 25th (+1) anniversary!

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