2019 Rally and AGM

24th July 2019

The Club's annual Rally and AGM, held this year at Baskerville Hall in Clyro, was another great success. After enjoying the long, dry spell through the beginning of July; the weather for the rally weekend was pretty 'dog' to say the least. Despite this, we still managed to get 2 ride-outs in; Friday's being the drier of the 2. All the same, we counted 42 Kettles on the Saturday 'fish n chip' run to Aberystwyth. As always, the weekend passed far too quickly, but it was great catching up with everyone.

Preparations have now begun towards next year's Rally, which will be celebrating the club's 25th anniversary, so it's going to be a bigun!The chosen venue for this momentous occasion, is the Fire Training College at Morton in the Marsh; a modern spacious facility, capable of taking a big turn out. We're even going to go for a world record - the largest gathering of GT750's! For more details, email kettleclubchairman1@gmail.com

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