Evolution GT750M

GT750M 1

1975: GT750M Relatively minor engineering changes gave the model 'M' a new lease of life and change of identity into a convincing sports tourer. This was much needed, as Suzuki had spent most of it R&D over the previous period on the Rotary RE5 and needed time to 'catch up' with its competitors that were leaving them behind on 4 stroke development, now proving itself to be the only future with tightening emission regulations. The changes gave more bhp at the cost of lower torque. Port changes in size and timing, along with thinner head gasket and skimmed head to keep compression ratio, the dropping of the ECTs and internal changes to the exhaust baffle plates along with re-gearing gave the GT750 a distinct power band that started around 4000 rpm. More gear changing was now needed in town and slopes especially 2 up, and pulling away needed a little more rpm and clutch slip or the bike would bog down. Without the ECTs the down pipes could have a tighter bend and help improve the ground clearance, although still not great, it also gave the centre and side stand protrusions more clearance as well.

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