Evolution GT750L

GT750L 1

1974: Suzuki GT750L The radiator was redesigned with a one piece grill cover .CV carburettors were perhaps the biggest mechanical change , with change of air box and side panels, supposedly giving better fuel economy and less exhaust emissions, but certainly giving smoother action and response. Cut down considerably on the number and complexity of cables.

GT750L 2

Move to chrome headlamp shell and mountings shrouds and fork gaiters dropped. These may have given a sportier look but overall performance remained unchanged. In fact the samples tested showed that the first 'J's marginally out performed both the 'K' and 'L' models. By now performance was starting to affect the projected sales of the marque in the USA as other manufactures were eating into both the performance and touring market with newer, increased performance machines, although the two stroke following meant there was still a market to be had, and the GT750 had built itself a reputation for superb reliability it was still not enough bearing in mind Suzuki were themselves now due to market the rotary RE5 another tourer. So a new image was needed for the GT750 in the next production run , the 'M'.

GT750L 3

LED Gear position indicator added and indicator and main beam warning lights moved from inside clocks.

GT750L 3

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