Evolution GT750J

GT750J 1

1972: GT750J Visible clues. Double twin leading shoe front brakes. Matching painted radiator side panels, headlamp shell and brackets, tank and side covers, black end cones on exhaust, exhaust couplers at the base of down pipes. 'Liquid Cooled 750' badges on louvered side panels. Main production 'J' has red lacquered in moldings of tank badges.

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Claimed bhp 67 @ 6500rpm at crankshaft Claimed torque 55.7ft/lb @ 5500rpm at crankshaft Standing quarter mile. 13.87 sec with terminal speed of 93.55 0 to 60mph 5.9 seconds Carburetion 3 X Mikuni VM 32mm cable operated slides Weight 524Ib with half tank petrol.

GT750J 5

Competition and prices. GT750 $1,575 - Honda 750-4 $1,702 - Norton Comando $1,784

Triumph Trident $1,932 - Kawasaki Mach IV $1,386 (Nov '72)

GT750J 6

A conversion kit became available for front discs but the cost of discs, calipers, hoses fork bottoms, master cylinder, brake lever, and fitting, came to nearly a third the cost of the bike new!!

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