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1977: GT750B - Last year of the GT750. Very much the same bike as the model 'A' . The B shows some of the visible designs to be followed through on the GS750. Headlamp bowl black rear lamp unit, indicators, stayless front mudguard, and black paint on the side panels.

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One of the nice things about running a website is that enthusiasts from all over the world contact the club to share their bikes and experiences. This is one such cases, and is perhaps an appropriate finish to this story of the GT750 line ...


Here comes a picture of me standing behind my new restored GT 750 B model. I have restored it from a wreck. Most of the parts are NOS. I have done all the work myself except for the rechroming.

This year I won all the top prizes on Classic Meet 2002 in Norway.

I am the leader of Classic Suzuki Club Scandinavia, Norway. If there are Suzuki members who want to contact me, please use this email adresss : tombrat@online.no


Tom Brattskar

Tom Brattskar

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