Standing Order Instructions

The vast majority of our membership now choose to renew via Standing Order, as it offers the most convenient and secure means of making a regular annual payment and is certainly the most efficient and reliable way of ensuring that your membership is renewed on time, every time, for as long as you wish. Unlike Direct Debit, a Standing Order is a personal arrangement between you and your bank so that you can make payment of a set amount, on a date of your choosing. It affords you complete control of your membership and you can cancel the payment at any time, without prior notice.

If you are happy to join with fellow members in adopting this method of payment; please download and print the form provided here, complete it at the earliest opportunity within your renewal month and post or hand it to your Bank/Building society. 

Alternatively, if you have access to internet banking; you can set up the Standing Order directly with your Bank, on-line, using the same reference details as provided on the form.

Note: When selecting the date of first payment; please factor in about 5 working days from the date that your bank is in receipt of the form. This will allow them to process the instruction before your chosen date. That's it! Once the Standing Order has been set up, it's yours to manage for the life of your membership.

Either way; please let me know when you have done this and when I can expect the first payment to show in the club accounts (remember to quote your membership No. in any communication).

'Skid' Brown
Kettle Club Treasurer and Membership Secretary

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