Is it A Nico Bakker ?

I bought a 'Nico Bakker' framed GT750 from a nice guy from Newcastle, Jim Campbell, well that's what he was told it was when he bought it. That was not good enough for me I had to have proof, coz that's the kinda guy I am! So here is my conclusion is a Sanders and Lewis.

BakkersSandL Ad

Who or what is/are Sanders and Lewis, a music hall comedy duo?!

No, it was a well known bike shop in Kilburn Road, Maida Vale, London NW6 way back when.

From articles in magazines I've come across the story seems to go something like this. They used to sponsor a Yamaha powered Nico Bakker framed machine in the late 70's, ridden by Tony Lewis . The frame used was once ridden by Phil Read. The Bakker frame was so good (but expensive!) they decided to build a replica for the street racers amongst their customers based around a GT750 engine. The frame was built by a local company, Saxon Engineering and after some time in development the launch took place around end of 1977. Unfortunately both companies are no longer in business so no facts can be ascertained 'from the horses mouth'.

Bike Magazine - August 1977

Bike mag 1Bike mag 2

Motorcycling Monthly Magazine - March 1978

MM Mag

So why do SandL owners like me get confused that they have a Nico Bakker frame? Well that's due, I believe, to the following article, 'TRIPLE DUTCH' in Bike Magazine August 1983.

Bike Magazine - August 1983

Bike 1983Triple Dutch 1Triple Dutch 2Triple Dutch 3Triple Dutch 4

The bike in this article is still alive and well, these photos taken December 2006 by member and owner Kevin Brookes aka Binky.

Now if you take time you will see that these frames are virtually identical. So how do you know which is which, there are no visible marking on the frames so best thing to do is ask Mr Bakker , yes?

Ok so I email him and he takes the time to reply, I think now that's a nice man, so many people just ignore this type of enquiry!

To: Malcolm Evans

Sent: Monday, October 28, 2002 3:47 PM

Subject: RE: Suzuki GT750

If you want to know you have my frame please a photo, I just made 2 or 3 frames for this type of bike.

I know others copy my frames.

regards Nico Bakker

I have sent pictures and emailed numerous times since but have not (as yet) received a reply. I am guessing Mr Bakker has not replied because my bike is not one of his. So what did his frames look like? After trawling the web I came across these pictures from Daytona 1975.

These pictures were taken when Rob Bron was riding the machine, I emailed him for any further details he may have or pictures here is his reply.

Dear Malcolm,

The bike you are talking about was not my own; I rent it for the race. It was not a good bike! Big mistake! Everything was broken on that bike. I do not know where the bike is today.

Good luck with your research.

Best regards,

Rob Bron


This bike does carry the signature design of Mr Bakker, beautiful bendy tubes!

Now if you read the articles you'll know the SandL is a design based on a Yamaha powered NB framed bike. I do not know which one but I have also found these pictures of NB framed yams of the period and as you can see, although there are similarities in layout with the SandL, they definitely are different.

Yamaha BakkersYamaha Bakker

So back to Triple Dutch, the article says that the original owner took a new GT750 across the channel and Mr Bakker built a frame around it. I have seen this bike in the flesh up against an SandL and they are of identical construction, apart from a few mounting points they are the same, and neither are anything like the NBs above.

So to believe that Triple Dutch is a Bakker, Mr Bakker made a frame for a GT750, nothing like one of his own, but an exact copy of SandL frame which was in turn a crude copy of one of his Yam frames!! Well that's what I don't think is credible. If someone can prove me wrong, please please please do it!! I would really like to be the owner of A Bakker framed GT750.

Other GT750 Bakker framed bikes found on the web

Bakker 1Bakker 2

My name is Eeuwe van der Veen I am a member of the Dutch T and GT club, and, red orange and white Nico Bakker on the picture from Holland is my bike.

All I now about that bike is that is is an original Bakker of witch 3 are build and only 1 is left.

Heres an email from Bas Völlink I just found with a link to a second NB.

Here are a few pics of a very rare Nico Bakker Suzuki TR/GT 750 which I discovered last year in the Netherlands. This bike is probably one of the three survivors. There is another bike in the Dutch GTclub and according to Karl Hubben (A TR750 authority) there should also exists a bike in Rotterdam. Click here for more pics.

Suzuki Two Stroke Fans website

Bakker 3

Sanders & Lewis Owners Club : - )


Me - East London (That no me on the bike by the way! Thats Pete Gibson, pipe maker par excelance

Andrew Walton - T'up North

Ceri O'Leary - IOM

Phil Short

I have one of these. Its in pieces in the loft, and I am seriously considering a rebuild - in fact I am looking for an engine to get started. It was stripped when the original engine seized about 16 years ago, and I have been carting it around in pieces ever since. I think I junked the forks as well - originals, so no great loss. If I do put it back on the road it'll be with some decent forks, maybe GSX-R.

My pipes are missing also. I had no idea what make they were, they were long thin 3-3 pipes, and were very loud, with no silencer cans to speak of. I junked them because they were heavy and had rusted badly. The SandL really should have a 3-1 pipe I guess so the rebuild will probably use a Jolly Moto - I doubt Piper's are still available!

My bike had no fairing when I bought it, and a mix of GT750 and GS/GSX parts (like the GSX alloys). It also has flat bars, street racer style. I had another GT750 at the time, which had a nice 3-3 expansion chamber set with one pipe exiting top right through a TZ750 seat, alloy tank, modified standard frame ... I broke that one in a spectacular crash. I used the clip-ons from that on the Sanders. At one point I fitted a dual race style seat and mounted pillion rests on the pipes, and my wife and I went to the TT on our honeymoon on it, in 1983.

I wince now to think of the shed load of GT750 parts I scrapped about a decade ago - at least 3 engines in various condition included. I may live to regret that!

Oh yes, I did buy a nice GT750 about 5 years ago intending to start the SandL restoration, but it was in too good condition, so I sold it on after a while. I just couldn't bring myself to cannibalise it.


Phil Short

A new member April 2006 !!!


Chris Woods East Sussex

Would you like another member for the S&L owners club? I bought this machine last year identified as a Saxon, the bike has a very trick specification, not least a reed valve motor with CR gearbox, one off Gibson pipes, alloy tank, proper brakes etc. I have the bike running now, and it is very very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apart from no rear mudguard/chainguard, the bike is pretty much sorted, though the spec of the original rear shock would be good.


Do you have a copy of SUPERBIKE MAGAZINE October 1975 issue, good money waiting.

Do you know any history of my bike, registration NUM 189V

Do you have any information that will fill the gaps in the facts

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